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Our Vision

To be the most admired Paint & Coating Solutions company with globally recognized competencies Pursuing 

to accomplishing the 2030 vision of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia through the Contribution to the development of the economy and the localization of the paints ...

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Quality Management

To achieve objectives, we bring quality management and controlling and monitoring process in the company system

We prepare laboratories with necessary equipment for correction and a proactive correction, devote our significant efforts to fulfill quality demands, and obtain client`s trust ...

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Quality Policy

Committed to manufacture quality products and services unfailing to national and international standards

up gradation of process and technology to the entire satisfaction of its customer.
Follow the high quality of standards and specifications so we were...

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About Escada Paints Factory for Industry

Escada paints factories were established in 2011 to make their way in the world of creativity, innovation and international quality in various types of plastic, oil and decorative paints, varnishes, profiles, epoxy, transparent paints, chemical paints, pastes and wood paints.

The main objective since its establishment has been to provide high quality products conforming to international standards and colors derived from the heart of nature.

Our motto (we guarantee quality)

Escada paints factories, based on their goals and their possession of specialized experts, skillful engineers, qualified technicians, high-quality laboratory equipment and advanced machines, and also through the health safety of our products and their freedom from environmental pollutants, have been able to occupy a prominent position not only in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia but in the Arab Gulf, where agents of factories are spread Escada paints inside and outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.