About Escada Paints Factory for Industry

Escada paints factories were established in 2011 to make their way in the world of creativity, innovation and international quality in various types of plastic, oil and decorative paints, varnishes, profiles, epoxy, transparent paints, chemical paints, pastes and wood paints.

The main objective since its establishment has been to provide high quality products conforming to international standards and colors derived from the heart of nature.

Our motto (we guarantee quality)

Escada paints factories, based on their goals and their possession of specialized experts, skillful engineers, qualified technicians, high-quality laboratory equipment and advanced machines, and also through the health safety of our products and their freedom from environmental pollutants, have been able to occupy a prominent position not only in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia but in the Arab Gulf, where agents of factories are spread Escada paints inside and outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

And out of our keenness to develop the concept of the world of paints, we are always working on development, creativity and innovation with what we have of consultations and exchange of experiences with American and European companies

Most of our goals are excellence in the quality of our products and simulation of nature in its picturesque colors and to put in your hands a new concept of beauty, art and splendor

Our Vision:

To be the most admired Paint & Coating Solutions company with globally recognized competencies.
Pursuing to accomplishing the 2030 vision of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia through the Contribution to the development of the economy and the localization of the paints industry to meet customer`s needs with high quality paints and Eco-friendly increasing the number of exports on to the world markets and encouraging the use of national products.

Quality Management:

To achieve objectives, we bring quality management and controlling and monitoring process in the company system. We prepare laboratories with necessary equipment for correction and a proactive correction, devote our significant efforts to fulfill quality demands, and obtain client`s trust. As a consequence, Paintco invented technical service section that supported by research, evolution, and customer service due to products quality, coordination, and delivery in the exact time and place. additionally, after sales service in the sales market, to ensure the achievement of highest level of customer satisfaction.

Quality Policy:

Committed to manufacture quality products and services unfailing to national and international standards through continual up gradation of process and technology to the entire satisfaction of its customer.
Follow the high quality of standards and specifications so we were:

  • One of first companies that has license Authority for Saudi Standardization and metrology Organization (SASO).
  • International Organization for Standardization certification(ISO 9001:2015).
  • Dubai Green Building Regulations and specifications Certification.

Painting Process

The goal of the paint layer is to form a crust that forms a protection and an ornament for the interior and exterior surfaces. The success of the coating process depends on a number of factors, including:

Preparing the surfaces for the painting process:

The surfaces must be prepared before the painting process to ensure the success of the painting process, by following the technical instructions contained in this manual.

Coating method:

A – paint with a brush

B – Roller paint

C- Paint with a spray gun

C- Painting by pressing machine

The appropriate method must be used for the painting process, where the brush is used in narrow places, especially decorations.

Take into account the prevailing conditions when painting

Where paint should be avoided when there is fog, near and during rain or dust storms.

Safety Measures

  1. The instructions on the container and on the specification leaflet must be followed.
  2. Using special clothing for painting and eye protection goggles.
  3. Use rubber gloves and protective ointment for the exposed parts of the body.
  4. Do not smoke during the painting process.
  5. Clean hands with soap and water and do not overuse strong detergents.
  6. Be careful not to get the flame or the spark of the flame close to the paint.